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Overcoming Female Incontinence

Health Professionals Radio, Neal Howard, Host

This interview with Dr. Jill Rabin provides an overview of the causes and treatments for female incontinence, which affects two out of every five women under the age of 60 and three out of five women aged 60 and over.

Is This Normal

bottomline HEALTH, June 2021

In this issue bottomline HEALTH, read Dr. Rabin's discussion (page 16) of nighttime bladder control.



Demystifying Incontinence

bottomline HEALTH, March 2021

Don't let embarrassment keep you from getting help for incontinence. Read Dr. Jill Rabin's article (beginning on page 4) in the March 2021 issue of bottomline HEALTH.

Bladder Chatter: What Your Bladder is Trying to Tell You!

Part I: Join our experts for a special two-part event to discuss common bladder issues in women and how to properly manage these conditions.

Part II: In the second half of our two-part series, you’ll gain the tools you need to control your bladder and maintain pelvic floor integrity.


Note: This was originally a live event. Watch it on-demand by typing in your email address and clicking ENTER.


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